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Gypsy FralixGypsy Fralix
06:30 04 Jan 23
I loved our room. The view was absolutely beautiful. It was Christmas time, and they had the lobby decorated. It was so nice to come in and see everything lit up. The only complaint I have is the breakfast bar. I would recommend finding another place to dine.
Teya woodardTeya woodard
15:40 25 Oct 22
First let me say this the room price jump was ridiculous… We paid 889.96 for two nights… Of course it was a game but still a straight rip off.. Our room was a two queens bed and smell like it was freshly mop with a mildew mop…. The bed was hard and the room was extremely cold. The icebreaker was the rip off that occurred while we were there.. my husband went to get a drink sat night around 10 something.. The bartender Daniel made the drink and charge my husband card 37 dollars for 9 dollar drink… My husband tip before knowing the scam had occurred 3 dollars bringing his total 12.37 or34 cents.. He walks away look at his account and went back to the bartender he act like the computer did it and told my husband he would have to wait until Monday when the manager in… I was sleep but the next morning I call the front desk and spoke to someone and they directed me to the food and beverage manager only after I said I will be calling the police because this is stealing… Yes it was only a 25 dollar overcharged but it’s about fairness… We paid 889.96 for two nights without trying to get over.. I expected to be treated fair especially how expensive our stay was… But back to the matter at hand.. I talk to the manager he proceeded to tell me he has to do an investigation without asking for my husband bank statement just receipt number and then said we will have your money back 3-5 days after our investigation done.. I then said we’ll let me call the police because sound like Daniel the bartender wasn’t going to get nothing done because he blame it on the computer,… Like really? I was then told no need to do that just give me an hour.. The manager calls back in an hour and offer breakfast coupons and said we still have to wait for our money… I said I wasn’t satisfied and the first thing he said well we can’t give you any money insinuating I wanted a discount because their wrong doing no I wanted my money back on my card because it was stealing to me…. My husband was frustrated so I took the offer because he was over it… I still feel we was wrongfully done and it made our stay uncomfortable… I feel Hilton should do better with customer far as making them feel better not like they was wrong for mentioning it….. I gave it a 2 because the overall staff was phenomenal…
Crystal MillerCrystal Miller
04:54 28 Aug 22
I recently visited this hotel with my significant other and we had a great experience! We were celebrating his birthday, and thought this location was perfect. The room we had was on the Hilton member floor which came with extra perks. I won't go into detail with that, but if you are not a Hilton member I highly recommend becoming one. We did experience an issue with getting into our room, but the staff were attentive with assisting us it was a mere hiccup. The location was perfect as we were able to either scooter or walk to every location. The pride parade was happening at the time as our stay which allowed us to have more to do. The parking was also easy and affordable. The area around the hotel is very beautiful, for even just going on a walk. There is plenty to do around this hotel. Overall, out of all of the hotels we have stayed at in our visits to Charlotte this is the top one. The interior and decor when you walk into the hotel down to your room is beautiful. I highly recommend coming here.
16:44 22 Aug 22
I had an enjoyable experience staying here for Pride weekend as the hotel is located right in the center of everything. As a gold member, I was upgraded to the executive floor which offered free snacks and drinks. The lobby/common areas were beautiful and I appreciated how the parking deck is connected directly to the hotel. The room itself was nice and clean but the purple/green color scheme felt super outdated and tacky. Most of the furniture seemed pretty outdated as well. The bathroom was very nice though and I really liked the big, glass-enclosed shower. The downstairs bar/restaurant was pretty good but definitely overpriced. Overall, this is a solid option but could be improved by updating the rooms to feel more modern.
Alexander BartheAlexander Barthe
00:00 24 Jul 22
I'm not sure what was going on, but we had zero room service. We had to call for additional towels. I'm not sure if it's a Staffing issue or cost cutting. The restaurant was also short staffed and the wait was excessive. Don't take it that everything was bad... The check-in folks were nice and the handful of staff in the restaurant, inspite of shortages, were able to do their best and even managed smiles. With a good few staff members, all that's needed are a few more hands. ...just my humble suggestion.
Tony BuccheriTony Buccheri
09:06 21 Jul 22
We chose this location because of it's proximity to Bank of America Stadium, and because we were under the impression there was a pool on site for our kids based on the advertising. Unfortunately the latter is not true. Hotel guests have access to the YMCA across the street which has a lap pool and you have to call them to make reservations to use it and it's only open limited hours (closed every other hour)! Oh, and kids are not allowed! Had this been clear we would have likely selected a more family friendly location. Don't make the same mistake we did. The refrigerator in our room was working but damaged. The breakfast was buffet style and cost $20/person. Our kids wanted pancakes and they were all hard as a rock and couldn't even be cut with a knife. The staff were kind enough to get them fresh ones, but the French toast was the same situation and the bacon was cooked to a crisp and so dry you could barely eat it. I won't even go into the other issues on this forum, but word to the wise, at this price point, there are better options, and this is not a good option for families in my opinion.
16:24 10 Jul 22
The Hilton downtown Charlotte, NC is an excellent place to stay. I stayed on the 21floor on the Executive floor. It's was great after long day with my fourteen year old at the 5 Sec. Of Summer concert. Staff was friendly, breakfast was delicious. Thanks for the late check out. Once again Hilton “you rock.”Derick Proctor
Athaís CiprianiAthaís Cipriani
05:36 08 Jul 22
I won’t be back! I felt they didn’t like Latin people. The didn’t have the patience to attend us (as my sisters didn’t speak a good English) and the staff was grumpy! We didn’t feel welcome and after paid we just wanted to leave. It wasn’t nice. The hotel was clean though, but it is more for business. Didn’t feel it suitable for a family trip hotel.
Kristopher CayaKristopher Caya
22:04 22 Jun 22
Don't forget to use ʜoᴛᴇʟʙᴏʟʟʏ.ᴄᴏm when booking your hotel. They compare hundreds of booking web sites and typically will have rooms much cheaper compared to others! Thank me later on! This resort is one of the best in the area. I have been staying here for a very long time. If you stay for a few nights you definitely won't be let down.I really enjoyed my stay at the Hilton. Before I arrived, I was upgraded to the Executive level- so I felt like a celebrity. The hotel is in a great location, they have great amenities, awesome staff, and also have a pretty tasty restaurant. I recommend staying here and I will definitely be back!
Meredith DillonMeredith Dillon
13:12 10 Apr 22
I really enjoyed my stay at the Hilton. Before I arrived, I was upgraded to the Executive level- so I felt like a celebrity. The hotel is in a great location, they have great amenities, awesome staff, and also have a pretty tasty restaurant. I recommend staying here and I will definitely be back!
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